Annual Spring Clean-Up for Mount Pleasant

The City of Mount Pleasant will hold annual Spring Clean Up during the week of April 25, 2022 – April 28, 2022. Spring Clean Up is a one-week opportunity for residents of Mount Pleasant to rid your home of those unusual or large items that are too big to fit into a garbage bag for your regular garbage collection day. The collection work is done by WEMIGA WASTE. Spring Clean Up will be picked up on your normal garbage day. Please do not place items curbside until the week before Spring Clean Up.


  • Tires, Waste Oil, Batteries, Roof Shingles, Ashes
  • Liquids, such as Anti-freeze, Household Chemicals and Wet Paint
  • Construction materials of any kind such as drywall, wood, etc.
  • Televisions and Computer Monitors
  • Yard Waste
  • Appliances

Leave the lids off your paint cans. If you have old paint cans and the paint is dry, they can take them. They cannot take wet paint of any kind.

They can take all kinds of carpet. Carpet must be tightly rolled and tied to be collected.


Please adhere stickers no earlier than the morning of your pickup date to ensure scavengers don’t take the adhered to item. Pile size limited to equivalent to unit 6′ wide x 8′ long x 4′ tall, excludes separated metal pile. You are required to use a minimum of six stickers for your entire pile.

QUESTIONS AND INFORMATION: If you have any questions about the 2017 Spring Clean Up, please contact Public Works at 385 1480 – Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.