Arts IMPACT Celebrates National Poetry Month

Mount Pleasant Arts IMPACT is pleased to announce the launch of National Poetry Month this April. Cooperating with the Mount Pleasant Public Library, IMPACT’s mini-gallery display is a celebration of verse, creativity, and the power of words!

Get ready to be enthralled by the works of local talent represented by the poetry, artistry, and photography of Salem resident and retired mother Vicky Dovenspike. Vicky is the featured artist in the Arts IMPACT mini-gallery located in the Mount Pleasant Public Library and open for viewing during regular library hours this April and May.

A self-trained photographer, poet, and artist, Vicky masterfully intertwines her passions to create truly unique illustrations of her own poetry. She is a member of The Society of Great River Poets and has been published in Writers on The Avenue and Lyrical Iowa and The National Federation of State Poetry.

During her lifetime of interest in art she has worked with pencil, acrylic, and photography. She has shown extensively in local shows and through The Fort Madison Area Arts Association. Inspiration comes to her from life events, beauty in the world around her, and from people who impact her life.


With all the current interest in artificial intelligence in the news, Arts IMPACT also presents in this show a selection of poetry showcasing the talents and abilities of artificial intelligence software ChatGPT. The computer was given the challenge of creating poetry selections on the subject of “Spring in Iowa” but written in the style of well-known and popular poets. On display are the computer-generated results of this challenge, and readers can judge for themselves how successfully the computer was able to respond to this “creative challenge.”

So what are you waiting for? Come see what’s new at the Mount Pleasant Arts IMPACT gallery in the Library this April and be part of the Poetry Month celebration. Embrace the energy, creativity, and passion of poetry — it’s an experience you won’t want to miss.