Back to Scratch: Supervisors Table Ordinance Amidst New Bill in Iowa Senate

The Henry County Supervisors met on Thursday morning for the first Reading of the Ordinance to Amend Title 6, Chapter 2, Article 11-2 through 11-6 Alternative Energy Overlay District. In reference to the potential wind farm project, this ordinance would by no means approve the potential wind farm. Instead, it is just an update to the language regarding wind and solar energy.

However, the supervisors chose not to go through with the first reading and instead table it for the time being. It will go back to the Planning and Zoning Commission. This came after a recommendation from the assistant County Attorney. Due to Senate Study Bill 3169, which is not in effect at this time, this new bill would allow the State to set the guidelines, trumping county law. Currently, there is no companion bill in the Iowa House of Representatives.

The supervisors also discussed the townhalls, mentioning how those are for public input. There is another townhall this evening at 6:30pm at the Swedesburg Parish Hall for the potential wind farm project. RWE Representatives will be in attendance to answer questions.