Budget Cuts Coming to Henry County

The Henry County Supervisors have been in discussion with department heads over a possible budget cut. At this moment, due to House File 718, funding over the next four years will need to decrease 1.3 million dollars. The general basis levy, which is currently set at $4.83 in Henry County, will need to be $3.50.

Henry won’t be the only county affected by this file, with 39 others’ needing to cut their budget in the same time frame.

Over the past few months, the department heads have been closely scrutinizing their budgets, finding potential avenues to help the county in the long run. Currently, one option that is being weighed is an early retirement severance package. It is no secret that a 20 year old is going to be paid less than someone who has been working in public service for 40 years. This is just one route that the supervisors might choose. After today’s Henry County Supervisors meeting, it sounds as if personnel might be let go if they can’t find a way to decrease the budget drastically.

While this has all been speculated, a senator from Mahaska County told the supervisors that this benchmark of $3.50 is going to stay.