Burlington Police Officer Charged with Domestic Abuse Assault

A Burlington police officer has been placed on administrative leave. This comes after an arrest and investigation by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

Tyler Elmore, 35, was charged with domestic abuse assault and disorderly conduct after an altercation with his wife.

On August 7th, Burlington Police officers were dispatched to Elmore’s house for a domestic disturbance. Officers found that Elmore appeared to be intoxicated, and that he seemed to be “unaccommodating.” An argument had broken out between Elmore and his wife, and his wife told police that Elmore had caused her to fall by applying a pressure point technique on her neck.

Due to his status as a police officer, the Iowa DCI and the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office took over the case. Elmore was placed on administrative leave on August 18th, and a warrant was later issued for his arrest. He was then released on the same day after posting bond.

A preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for Friday, September 22nd at 9am.