Busy Jazz Band Competition Weekend

Congrats to the Winfield Mt. Union Jazz Band on a 2nd Place finish at Coe College Jazz Summit, and to Gabe Hemsworth who was named the 1A outstanding Soloist. WMU jazz band’s next competition is Saturday, March 4th, when they perform at Clear Creek Amana at 9:00 to hopefully qualify for an invitation to the Iowa Jazz Championships in April.

Mount Pleasant Jazz Bands did not place at Coe.  Both Jazz 1 and Jazz 2 also went to Ottumwa for the Indian Hills JazzFest. Those results were not released as of Sunday morning.  However, the Outstanding Musicianship Awards have been announced. Musicians who received those honors from Mt. Pleasant are….

Jazz 2: Addison Bentler, trumpet

Jazz 1: Drake Landau, guitar;

Brandon Burtlow, flugelhorn;

Ethan Sexauer, vibraphone,

Bryce Wilson, drums;

Danny Muhs, trombone