Campus Mowing Project

Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility Warden Marcy Stroud confirmed Wednesday that a crew of inmates are mowing the Iowa Wesleyan University campus this week.  There is a group that will also help with moving some items to a central location on the campus. Many members of the facility staff live in Mount Pleasant and many have attended IW.  As a neighborly gesture they reached out to the USDA to make the offer of one time mowing assistance.  Stroud said she was told the USDA is working on setting up a contract for regular mowing but was very appreciative of the offer of help since it appears there is not a contract in place yet. The United States Department of Agriculture will officially assume ownership of the campus June 1. The University announced March 28 that it would close and that, because the USDA holds the major loan, ownership would default back to that agency.