Census Will Change School District Director Districts

The 2020 Census shows a population shift for the Mount Pleasant.  And that means the Mount Pleasant Community School District school board director district boundaries will have to be changed.  A company called Mapping Strategies did an initial analysis of the Census results. According to Mapping Strategies the difference between the most populous and the least populous director districts must be less than 10%. Mount Pleasant is 14.95%.  There was a 671 population increase in the School District  and 606 people of that number live in the city of Mount Pleasant. Something else to note….this is spatially concentrated growth. It is not district wide and it is not over all the Director Districts. Currently the District is divided into five director districts and two at large district for a total of seven school board members. The board previously made the decision to stay a seven member board. But there are options for the make-up of those 7 seats.  For example the district could be re-mapped for four director districts and three at-large as long as there are less at large seats.  Or all the seats could be at-large. Mapping Strategies will assist the district with re-drawing the boundaries and any director changes.