Consolidated Election Results from Tuesday’s Election

*Unofficial election results from Henry County for Tuesday, November 7th, 2023, City and School Election.

School Boards

MPCSD: Angela Blint and Michael Hampton have won for the At-Large four year term. Josh Maher beat out Kevin Schrader for a 2 year At-Large position. Sarah Donnolly is elected to the school board after a tight race against Danny Graber and Kevin Sandersfeld. Melinda Huisinga, Aaron Williamson, and Derek Mullin ran uncontested and will be on the board.

NLCSD: Mike McBeth, Jennifer Loyd, and Becky Hays, win positions on the board after retaining the most votes.

NL Public Measure 44-JZ passes.

NL RPS 44-KA passes.

Van Buren: Richard Breckenridge, Dan Smith, Erica Lydolph, and Colby Kreiss, are the winners on the night.

WACO: Megan Waterhouse, Jared Achen

WMU: Klay Edwards, Jason Remick, Robert Quinn

SCC Board of Trustees: Jesse Howard beats out youngster Ryan Coop and Mark Hempen.

Danville: Andrew Taeger, Tanner Thomann, Samantha Dill receive the most votes from Henry County.


City election results

Mt. Pleasant: Steven Brimhall (Mayor), City Council – Stephen Engberg (At Large), Kent White (Ward 1), Matthew D. Crull (Ward 3)

New London: Kirk Miller (Mayor), Dawn Sines (City Council), Travis Benz (City Council)

Olds: City Council – Sheila Tharp, James Lee Rohde, Theresa Willey

Rome: Jeremy Lanferman (Mayor), City Council – Lester Garrison, Debra Sammons, Clayton Sammons, Sandy Johnson

Salem: City Council – David Tedrow, Cheyenne Patterson, Blaten Kennedy

Wayland: City Council – Travis Shelman, Chad Rohe, Kathie Grimm

Westwood: City Council – LuAnn Johnson, Darrel Rogers

Winfield: Willie Bender (Mayor), Matt Hernandez (City Council), Brandy Smith (City Council)

Hillsboro: Jaime Ludwig (Mayor), William Wade Sanderson (City Council), Mona Archer (City Council)