Cross Country Results from Mt. Pleasant Invitational

The Mount Pleasant Invitational was run yesterday with the Varsity girl’s Large Class teams placing Washington(1:44:52) in first, Mt. Pleasant(1:51:54) in second, Fairfield(1:52:15) in third, and Oskaloosa(1:54:51) in fourth. For the Small Class it was Danville(1:53:46) in first, Columbus(2:03:09) in second, Louisa-Muscatine(2:12:20) in third, and Winfield-Mt. Union(2:26:32) in fourth.

For the Large Class, Iris Dahl and Quincy Griffis finished in 1st and 2nd with times of 20:04 and 20:55, respectively, for Washington. Emma Welcher was the top finisher for Mt. Pleasant in 3rd place with a time of 21:01. Isabelle Meador finished in 7th with a time of 21:16. Audrey Lord finished in 18th. Ella McNamee and Aliya Graber finished in 25th and 26th, respectively. Jayden Housh finished in 31st. Nelle Peterson, Saree Vine, and Natalie Parrot finished in 42nd through 44th, respectively.

For the Small Class, Danville had the the top two finishers in Alaina Gourley, 20:32, and Kamryn Sherwood, 21:21. Afton Wilkerson was Winfield-Mt. Unions top finisher in 17th place with a time of 26:33. WACO’s top three finishers placed 14th, 15th, and 16th with McKenzie Vradenburg, Hannah Dennis, and Justine Lynn, respectively.

The boy’s Varsity Large Class had Washington(1:28:28) finish in first, Oskaloosa(1:30:51) in second, Mt. Pleasant(1:32:11) in third, Fairfield(1:35:20) in fourth. Danville(1:26:57) finished in first, Columbus(1:34:30) in second, Winfield-Mt. Union(1:35:28) in third, Louisa-Muscatine(1:40:58) in fourth, Central Lee(1:43:09) in fifth, and WACO(1:43:41) in sixth.

For the Large Class, Micah Rees had the top time for Washington at 16:10. Ben Carthey had the top time for the Panthers at 17:08, which was placed him in 2nd. Jude Dykstra, a freshman for Mt. Pleasant, finished in 7th with a time of 18:05. Jonathan Hough finished in 16th. Isaac Rynders, Gabe Feldmann, Tyler Johnson, and Ethan Brush finished in 21st through 24th, respectively.

For the Small Class, Danville had the top three finishers in AJ Bonnesen(16:20), Rylan Martin(17:08), and Carter Fesler(17:18), respectively. Gabriel Hemsworth and Kohlby Newsom finished in 4th and 5th for Winfield-Mt. Union with times of 17:37 and 17:55, respectively. Isaac rich was the top finisher for WACO in 20th place with a time of 19:36.