Documents Uncovered at Iowa Wesleyan Cause Community to Panic

The closing of a business can impact many individuals in multiple different ways. The closing of a college that has been a staple in a small community for over 180 years? That can be devastating.  Iowa Wesleyan closed its doors for good in May, and as expected, it has taken many creative brains to help resident’s move on.

One way they did that is my opening up the college to “community days” which granted people the opportunity to enter some of the historical buildings one final time and walk around, reminiscing on days gone by. It is not that community members were only allowed to walk around. No, they were allowed to take home a souvenir to keep.

These community days yielded great success, with many returning to their homes with items that benefited them. Some took home mattresses, other desks, and few were lucky enough to become the new owner of a filing cabinet. Issues arose, however, when it was discovered that private information had been stored inside.

The problem is being attacked by the authorities, and it seems like this scary situation is soon to be resolved. Mt. Pleasant Chief of Police, Lyle Murray, commented “It’s being addressed and resolved. Everyone has been cooperative and helping.”

One of the great brains who has been working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition for a town now without a college, Doug Moore, also offers words of reassurance. “They have been recovered. That’s all for now.” The people can rest knowing that the proper measures are being taken to protect these documents.