Father and Son Squabble Leads to Injury, Death for Dad

A disturbance broke out around 7:23pm on Monday, January 22nd in Keokuk. Officers with the Keokuk Police Department arrived on scene to 416 Burke Street just three minutes later.

A thorough investigation revealed that 84-year-old Gary L. Rockenbach received injuries during a physical altercation with his son, Craig L. Rockenbach. Allegedly, the assault took place after a disagreement over food.

The Lee County Ambulance Service arrived on scene at 7:31 after being requested by the officers, and Gary was transported to a medical facility at that time.

Craig Rockenbach was arrested at 7:34 p.m. for Assault Causing Bodily injury, a serious misdemeanor. He was transported to the Lee County Jail.

One week later, the Keokuk Police Department received additional information in regard to the internal injuries that Gary Rockenbach suffered. The Lee County Attorney’s Office was given this new information, and the original charge was amended and changed to Willful Injury Causing Serious Injury, a class C felony.

Gary Rockenbach succumbed to his injuries in a medical facility and the police department was made known on February 1st. This is an ongoing investigation, and an autopsy has been requested to determine the cause of death.

An arrest is merely an accusation supported by probable cause and all defendants are presumed innocent unless convicted in a court of law.