Fire Truck Push in Ceremony and Change of Command

It was all hands-on deck for the fire truck push in ceremony, which took place minutes after the city council meeting adjourned. Drew Schumacher, former Fire Chief for the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department, started the change of command ceremony by providing history on fire service, and made mention of the stellar public servants of Mt. Pleasant. Schumacher gave advice to Chief Blint, stating that a Chief needs to think about others first and lead with “we” and not “I”.

Shumacher also recited the firemen’s prayer, with the last line reading “and if according to Your Will I have to lose my life, please bless with Your protecting hand my children and my wife.” This helps to sum up the great service these men and women on the fire department continually do. The Mt. Pleasant Fire Department is looking for volunteers, and if you think you would be a good fit, stop by the station at 204 S Jackson St.

After the blessing of the truck, it was ready to be pushed into the station. The engine was turned on, but only “for the noise” and the truck soon sat in it’s new home.

*Blint has been in the role for less than 2 weeks, but has plenty of experience with over 20 years on the department.

Photos courtesy of Dave Schneider