Fires Burn in Southeast Iowa Yesterday, Not in the Heart but in the Field!

There were multiple fires on Valentines Day that required firefighters to put out. In the 600 Block of North Lincoln, a structure fire broke out and firefighters were put on alert at 2:35pm. Responding to this were the Mount Pleasant Fire Department and Rescue and New London Fire was called on mutual aid.

In the 2800 Block of Quaker Avenue, New London Fire responded to a field fire, with Henry County Sheriff’s Office initially responding.

Then, just 9 minutes later, a field fire broke out in the 2700 Block of Franklin Avenue in Mount Pleasant. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office, Mt. Pleasant Fire and Rescue and Salem Fire Department and Rescue all responded.

There was no time to rest for firefighters. Just before 5pm, a field fire broke out in the 1100 block of 208th Street in Mount Pleasant. Responding were Mount Pleasant Fire and Henry County Sheriff’s Office.

If you are attempting a controlled burn, be extra careful, especially with the wind conditions.