First Virus Immunizations Given Tuesday

The first healthcare provider to receive the coronavirus vaccine in Henry County was Dr. James Dunne with Dental Specialists of Iowa located in Mount Pleasant.  600 doses of the vaccine arrived Monday and Henry County Public Health began vaccinating the first phase Tuesday morning to the front line healthcare providers.  Henry County Public Health Director Shelley Van Dorin said her crew gave 40 shots in the first hour.  She anticipated anywhere from 100 to 200 people coming for the first clinic.  There will be two more clinics before the end of the year for those in the healthcare field like dentists, eye doctors, first responders, mental healthcare workers, and, of course nurses, and medical doctors.  100 of the doses went straight to HCHC where those vaccinations were given.  Public Health will see that those in assisted living situations get vaccinated and long term care residents will receive the vaccine thru an agreement with pharmacies.

Van Dorin hasn’t received information yet regarding when the general public will be able to get vaccinated.  She does remind everyone that the next clinic for the standard immunizations is December 29.  The COVID 19 vaccine is not available at that time.  The next clinic for just the COVID vaccination for healthcare providers is December 28.