Fort Madison and Holy Trinity Catholic Athletics Reunited?

Fort Madison- It was only two weeks ago that the Fort Madison Community School District Board had voted by a slim majority to end their athletic share agreements with Holy Trinity Catholic, Central Lee Community School District, and Burlington School District. Now, a unanimous vote has approved 13 new shared athletic agreements. However, there are changes to the agreement that still needs Holy Trinity Catholic’s approval.

The Crusaders would pay Fort Madison a lump sum of $20,000, compared to the previous $10,000, for the 10 shared programs of girls’ and boys’ track, soccer, wrestling, tennis, girls’ cross country, and baseball. The $20,000 figure was generated by an analysis of the fees that go into keeping the programs running. The generated percentage was 7.6% and $20,000 was considered more representative of that percentage than the previous $10,000.

The deal will have to be renewed annually. If both sides agree to split, then negotiations to come back together can happen at any time in the future. If one school decides to split while the other disagrees with the split, then the school that disengages cannot negotiate to reunite for a minimum of five years.

Holy Trinity Catholic will vote on the payment tomorrow night, April 27th.