From the HCHC Board Meeting

The Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees met Tuesday in regular session.  CEO Robb Gardner said renovation work had geared back up again.  So far most of the work has been taking place in the Family Medicine Offices.  A lot of work has also been focused on the HVAC system and air handler replacement as well as relocating Central Sterile.  Another phase of the parking lot improvement project begins at the end of the month.  Work will start in the south parking lot, then move to the employee north parking lot and finish back in the south lot.  The plan is to have it finished in five to six weeks.

Gardner also assured the board that all the contractors were being screened and wearing masks.  He went on to say that wearing a mask is still the best way to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  Masks are still required while in the Health Center but temperatures are no longer being checked at the entrance.  And, all the suspended services have resumed.  HCHC is using the same state data the Governor is using to make decisions moving forward.

The hospital is also using the Iowa Hospital Association financial impact report for pandemic related loss projections for hospitals across the state.  The report shows the average revenue loss thru April 21 for critical access hospitals alike HCHC is 55%.  Gardner said HCHC’s figures are in line at 54.5 to 55%.  The total estimated impact of the virus for HCHC could be $3.6 million.

The trustees approved a new program to provide seniors with mental health help. HCHC will enter into a partnership with Senior Life Solutions, a psychiatric provider. This program is reimbursable thru insurance and would actually produce revenue.