From the Henry County Supervisors Meeting

The Henry County Supervisors met Thursday.  Conservation Department Director John Pullis was unable to attend a planned due to a meeting with FEMA. But the board did go ahead and approve a permit for fireworks.  The application was from Jason Samples for Friday night at 2674 305th Street.  A certified individual will be setting off the fire works.

Supervisor Greg Moeller sits on the RUSS board.  He reported that shut-off valves will be installed on some RUSS customer properties in Ollie.  Apparently, these particular customers have not been paying their monthly bills due to confusion regarding the billing and tax assessments. Supervisor Marc Lindeen represents the county on the Southeast Iowa Links board.  This is the board that oversees mental health services in a multi county region.  Lindeen reported that the SEIL region will receive about 1 and a half million dollars from  the state to help mental health providers with expenses incurred due to the pandemic. For example some agencies were required to provide hazard pay for their employees, something that they may not have budgeted for.  How that 1.5 million will be divided up has not been determined.