From the Mount Pleasant School Board Meeting

The Mount Pleasant School Board began the July meeting honoring the following retirees with plaques…Principal Don La Blanc (blonc), teacher Sandy Breazeale (Brazil), music teacher Sherry Moeller and bus driver Herb Quayle (quail) who recently passed away.

Superintendent John Henriksen shared results from a survey sent out to district families regarding their experience with students staying home due to the pandemic and utilization of learning opportunities provided by the district. Questions involved access to high speed internet, cell phone data plans that allow high speed internet, and challenges in supporting students online learning. With just short of 500 responses 86% did have high speed internet access and 79% said their students had access to the cell data plan. Some of the parents’ challenges included lack of time to work with their students at home ad discomfort with using technology. Some parents also said it was hard to motivate students to engage but it was noted that previously it was not required to engage.  That may be different if online work is graded. The survey also indicated that a majority of parents would be comfortable with sending their student back to school if the proper mitigation strategies were in place.

A public hearing was supposed to be held regarding a change to the school calendar.  Since the 2020 Old Threshers Reunion has been cancelled the administration would like to add back into the calendar the two days the students would have been off for Old Threshers. A second change would move a teacher development day from the end of the school year to the week of August 17. However, the board’s agenda did not include the public hearing. So the superintendent asked for the board’s tentative approval with final approval voted on at the next board meeting when the public hearing can be held.