Gas Prices over $3 Across Iowa – Weekly Fuel Report

Gasoline prices continue to rise, this week 7 cents higher than last, now averaging $3.01 across Iowa. This is still 20 cents lower than this time last year, and 26 cents less than the national average.

Diesel prices also rose, now at $3.83 after a three-cent increase from last week. This is 27 cents lower than the national average, and 23 cents less than 12 months ago.

A look at our heating fuels reveals,

Propane prices averaged $1.59 per gallon statewide.

Home heating oil prices averaged $3.27 per gallon statewide.

Natural gas prices rose 15 cents at the Henry Hub reporting site and are currently priced at $1.76/MMbtu

After a steep decline last week, natural gas prices gained some of that back, rising 15 cents this week to $1.76/MMbtu.

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