Great River Health Requiring Masks

In an effort to preserve our workforce and protect our employees, associates, volunteers, and patients, Great River Health will implement clinical masking *effective Friday, December 22, 2023*. Face masks will be required in all clinical care areas for any individual entering the clinical care area.  Face masks will not be required in non-clinical areas.

  • Clinical areas: Places where patients receive care, including testing. This includes inpatient units (including nurses’ stations and hallways), Outpatient Laboratory, Day Hospital, Diagnostic Imaging, and clinic spaces (including the registration areas and waiting rooms).
  • Non-Clinical areas: Hallways that are not in inpatient units, offices, conference rooms and the cafeteria.

This decision will be re-evaluated on Monday, January 8, 2024.

Effective Friday, December 22, clinical masking is required for all employees in patient care areas. Eyewear is strongly recommended and encouraged.

Airborne Precautions continue to be followed for the below scenarios:

  • Patients under investigation for COVID-19, and present with COVID-19 symptoms
  • While performing an aerosol-generating procedure on patients under investigation for COVID-19 or COVID-positive patients
  • Responding in emergency situations
  • Patients with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis

Requirements for Airborne precautions are in the Isolation and Standard Precautions Plan. Please review this plan in PolicyStat if you need to become more familiar with the practices required for Airborne Precautions.

The organization will not refuse care to individuals refusing to wear face masks.