Growing Hope Globally Offering Special Guest Presentation from Honduras

The Mt. Pleasant Growing Hope Globally has been operating in town since 2015 and has asserted themselves as a staple in the community. In just eight years, they have raised more than half a million dollars which has helped more than 10,000 people find food security in the developing world.

Growing Hope Globally in Mount Pleasant is a community of people from several congregations and businesses that empower people to have the dignity of raising their own food. They have a special guest on Wednesday, July 26th, with Fernanda Villeda (VE-YEAH-DA). She will speak about some of the work currently being done in communities in Honduras to assist people to grow their own food. Fernanda will share some of the challenges that people in these communities are facing. Hope, the stories of good work, and ways to support them, will also be shared.

She works with Mennonite Social Action Commission in partnership with Church World Service and Growing Hope Globally.

If you’d like to meet Fernanda, the First Presbyterian Church of Mount Pleasant is opening their doors on July 26th at 6pm, to ensure that those interested can hear this inspiring story and the global impact individuals and churches are making from right here in Mt. Pleasant.


About the Honduras Macuelizo Program

“Honduras has the highest vulnerability in the world for natural disasters such as floods, landslides, droughts and forest fires. Building on work begun in 2008 in the Honduras Nueva Frontera program, Church World Service and local partner Mennonite Social Action Commission (CASM) have started to expand into neighboring municipalities and counties as they continue to make a wide impact on food security in the Santa Barbara department. This program promotes natural resource protection and implements conservation practices to improve agricultural production and mitigate the effects of climate change. This program also promotes crop diversification to improve diet, nutrition and income. Local alliances are formed with a wide variety of groups that help to strengthen food chains, organize advocacy efforts that promote the rights of children, and reduce violence in the communities. Youth are encouraged to participate in activities that highlight the protection of the environment and natural resources.”