HCHC alerts area residents to caller scam

Henry County Health Center and Physicians & Clinics of HCHC would like to alert the public to scam telephone calls that are occurring. Community members have reported receiving calls from individuals claiming to be an employee from HCHC and/or the rural health clinics located in Mt. Pleasant, New London, Wayland and Winfield. The calls may even appear as local phone numbers with a caller ID appearing as Henry County Health Center. Often times these scam phone calls ask for personal information, including social security numbers.


HCHC would like to make the public aware of these scam calls and inform the public that these calls are not coming from HCHC and that HCHC is not affiliated with these callers. The only time HCHC would call a patient is:

  • If the patient has a service scheduled or we are calling to schedule a service. In these instances, the patient would be expecting this type of phone call.
  • The only information HCHC would ask for over the telephone is address, phone number and insurance. HCHC would never ask for social security numbers over the telephone.


If you receive a call asking for personal information like social security number, financial information such as bank account numbers, personal health information, etc. please decline to respond and remember to never give personal information over the telephone. If you want to verify that the call is legitimate, please contact the healthcare provider’s office or Henry County Health Center directly for verification.