HCHC Foundation Goes Mad Again!

The Henry County Health Center Foundation experienced such a success with last year’s Make A Difference (M.A.D.) for HCHC Banquet that Foundation Director Mark Hempen says they’re bringing the idea back.


“Only this time, we’re inviting you to stay home,” Hempen said.  “We’ve had to cancel all of our fundraising events this year because of the COVID pandemic, so the Foundation came up with a way for our area residents to satisfy their desire to help other people, and do so from the comfort of their own home.”


The idea is simple.  Instead of spending a couple of hours at a typical fundraising event – simply send in the money you would have spent on tickets and stay home.  Instead of buying a new dress or suit – send the money to the HCHC Foundation.  Instead of hiring a sitter and ordering pizza for the kids – send the money to the Foundation, stay home and follow social distancing guidelines.  The hope is that people will fulfill their need to give back to their community and feel relieved that they won’t face possible exposure.


Banquet Chair and Foundation Board member Sally Olson says it is important for people to understand the importance of HCHC in our community and how donor gifts make a difference.  “While this idea is a little more fun-spirited than others in the past, we hope people will realize how important their gift to the Foundation is, especially this year.  Each gift makes a huge difference, and helps us move forward with our mission to support and fund important health related projects for HCHC,” Olson said.


“Funds raised at the M.A.D. Non-Event Event will be used to purchase essential new equipment for use at the Health Center,” Hempen said.  “More specifically they will be used to purchase ten new telemetry units for use in various departments.  Our goal is to raise close to $30,000 for this project.”


Gifts can be sent directly to the HCHC Foundation, 407 S. White Street, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, 52641.  For more details call Mark Hempen at 319-385-6541.