HCHC Raising Funds for New Safety Vests

Henry County Health Center Foundation is raising funds to protect their EMTs and Paramedics. Enhanced Multi-Threat Safety Vests are needed for those whose lives are put in danger everytime they respond to a call.

Mark Hempen, HCHC Foundation Director, believes these vests are vital to the overall safety and success of a mission. “Each time an EMT or Paramedic responds to an emergency, they are exposing themselves to an unknown situation.  While trying to provide lifesaving support, they could be putting their own lives in danger.  Not only by weapons, but by physical violence as well. We want them to be able to do their work without hesitation, so it has become important to provide as much protection as possible for the safety of the team.”

St. Alphonsus Church in Mt. Pleasant will host a special fundraising lunch in Manning Hall on Saturday, October 14th, at 1pm. Tickets are $25 each and all proceeds go towards the purchase of the vests.

Each Level IIIA+ rated vest costs $750 and are bullet, strike, slash, stab, taser and special threat resistant.  Twenty-four vests total are needed to protect the team.

Reservations for the lunch are due Monday, October 2nd.  To reserve your seat or to make a donation to the project, please notify the HCHC Foundation office at 319-385-6541 or email MHempen@greatriverhealth.org.