HCHC Trustees Meet

The Henry County Health Center Board of Trustees met in regular session Tuesday.  CEO Robb Gardner reminded the Board that as of June 1 labor and delivery services will not be available at HCHC.  He praised the transition team’s work since the decision was made 6 months ago to end the services. The midwives will still offer pre-natal and post-natal care in Mt. Pleasant.  The plan is for the midwives to deliver their patients babies at Great River Medical Center.

The hospital trustees approved an Emergency Medical Services asset agreement.  The agreement was drawn up with legal council and will be presented to the Henry County Board of Supervisors.  The Supervisors want to know the value of capital assets.  The agreement includes the transfer of all assets from the hospital to the county for one dollar. It also lines out the development of a Henry County EMS board with an HCHC trustee included as a member.  During their work session Monday the Supervisors discussed whether or not there was a need for a joint board since no other entities will be providing financial support of the service.  But the hospital feels if they are turning over the service for a $1 they should still be involved to a certain extent.  The hospital is also asking for a 5 year commitment and if the county doesn’t make it that long then HCHC would like first right of refusal.  The hospital board also approved an EMS utilization agreement.  This is HCHC’s commitment to utilize a county ambulance service for transfer of patients and to continue to levy a tax.