Henry County Now a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County

The Henry County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution Tuesday declaring the county to be a second amendment sanctuary county.  A group of citizens brought the resolution to the board asking the supervisors to take a stand to preserve 2nd Amendment rites.  The group, including Sheriff McNamee said they believe our second amendment rights are in danger. And while the definition of “sanctuary” means no government body can come here to take away rights” basically the resolution was a proclamation that Henry County supports the second amendment. There was discussion as to whether this would supersede the Federal government. Even with this approval a future board of supervisors could still do away with the resolution. Supervisor Marc Lindeen asked why they simply couldn’t state they supported the entire constitution. Supervisor Chad White felt they should use the same language as the other Iowa counties. The final paragraph of the resolution states the Henry County Board of Supervisors hereby declares Henry County to be a second amendment sanctuary county and hereby states its opposition to the enactment of any legislation that would infringe upon the constitutional right of the people of Henry County to keep and bear arms. The resolution is from the Iowa Firearms Coalition. Thirty-nine other counties in Iowa including Des Moines, Van Buren and Washington have made the same declaration.