Henry County Supervisors Approve Budget

Henry County employees will see a 7.5% raise.  The raise was approved and is reflected in the FY22/23 budget approved Tuesday by the Board of Supervisors.  County elected officials receive a 10% increase. This puts those salaries at $116,880 for the attorney, 73,112 for the auditor, recorder and treasurer each, 98,472 for the sheriff and 40,783 for each supervisor. The new budget reflects a tax rate of $8.48 per $1,000 of valuation for urban areas and $12.43 for rural areas. Total revenues for fiscal year 22/23 will be $20,760,708.00 and while the total expenditures will be $22,215,90.00, the beginning fund balance on July 1 is $7,725, 063.00.