Henry County Supervisors Meeting Report 10/26

The Henry County Supervisors met on Thursday, October 26th. Sarah Berndt with the CDS provided a monthly update.

They have received 2 general assistance requests this month, one for rental assistance and one for direct cremation, which is a service that is offered to Henry County residents. 19 different contacts have reached out, yet 16 were deemed ineligible immediately. Many of these requests are to cover past due utilities, which is not a service they are able to provide.

Also brought up in the meeting was the Elevate Mobile Crisis Response Service which is offered 24/7 365 days a year. This team offers on-site and in person assistance to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis. This is a free service and funded by the Mental Health Agency of Southeast Iowa Region. They service 8 counties in Southeast Iowa, and you can reach them at 988.