IGHSAU, IHSAA Release Guidelines for Baseball, Softball

By: Nathan Bloechl — sports@kilj.com 

KILJ — The Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union have announced their guidelines and template for summer sports to start by June 1st (practice) and June 15th (first games).

We’ll cover the high points here:

First and foremost, while the state and both athletic governing bodies have given the green light to play, it is up to each individual school district whether to play or not.

No area schools — but some statewide have already decided the risks are too much to play this summer.

For districts who decide to opt out, they must have written correspondence to the Association or Girls’ Union by June 8th.

With the biggest kicker being the health of players, coaches and umpires, the release indicates that ALL players and coaches must have their temperatures taken prior to arriving at the ballpark.

This means tests must be administered at home.

If a player or coach has temperature of 100.3 or more, they will be forced to stay home.

The same guidelines are in place for fans — per guidance from the Department of Education and the Department of Public Health, spectators should have their temperature checked at home before attending practices or games. If a spectator has a temperature of 100.3 or above, he or she should not attend games.

In a continued effort to maximize social distancing, no dugouts will be used during practice. Players’ items should be lined up against a fence at least six feet apart.

While fans will be allowed to attend games, the Association and Girls’ Union are encouraging them to continue social distancing by bringing their own chairs and respecting distance between other spectators. There will also be NO concession stands open during this summer.

Furthermore, masks are not required to be worn by players, umpires,coaches or spectators. If an individual would like to wear a mask on the playing field, in the dugout, or in the stand, he/she may do so. It is recommended that if worn, players and coaches where a mask that is a solid color. There is no prohibition on the color of the mask. It is optional for spectators, workers, and others to wear masks, but they are expected to follow social
distancing guidelines.