Inmate who tested positive was transferred from Henry County

Henry County Sheriff has confirmed that the inmate  who tested positive for COVID-19 at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center was transferred there from the Henry County Jail. The inmate was a new admission to the IMCC and according to Sheriff Rich McNamee was taken there on orders from the state to begin serving a prison term for drug crimes.  The inmate had been held in the Henry County Jail since January.  The Sheriff said he had not shown any signs of being sick.  Sheriff McNamee also said he tested negative on arrival at the IMCC Thursday but by Friday was experiencing symptoms.  At that point he tested positive for the virus.  McNamee said he was then notified by the State Department of Corrections of the situation.  The Henry County Jail staff member who did the transport and the inmate’s cell mate have both been tested and the Sheriff is waiting on results.