Introducing Watercolor Monotype!

A Watercolor Monotype Workshop to be held at the Mount Pleasant Golf & Country Club on Sept 25th, 2021. This workshop will be taught by Ann Klingensmith from 9am-noon. Cost is $25 for the general public and non-members of Iowa Artists. This class will available to the first 20 interested .

Class Description:

They will be experimenting with Monotype Print from Drafting Film or Mylar with Water Soluble Crayons and Watercolors on watercolor paper. Class size 5-20max

Suggested Materials (Bring what you have and we will share)

  • Watercolors, Watercolor crayons
  • Water containers, brushes, tape, Sharpie marker (dark color), paper towels
  • Bar of soap or glycerin
  • Watercolor paper (the inexpensive tablet kind is good)
  • Wooden Spoon or something to use as a barren to rub the back of the paper so the image is trans-ferred to the w/c paper.
  • Some drawing paper (just a few sheets) to protect the back side of the wet w/c paper
  • Hairdryer (maybe an extension cord, too)
  • Plexi plate, cookie sheet, drafting film (anything that you can put water on

for the image making) if the plate is larger than the paper, we can tape off

an area of the “cookie” sheet. Clean and not greasy.

Call 641-504-0141 to get signed up.

CONTACT Delayne Segar.