Iowa Sales Tax Holiday Approaching in August

The Iowa Annual Sales Tax Holiday will take place on August 4th and 5th. While shopping during that Friday and Saturday, expect your bill to be a bit cheaper than usual as there is a break in the sales tax.

With back to school shopping, this is the perfect time to buy those much needed items and save money while doing so.

If you’d rather shop from the comfort of your home, the tax break is in effect for that too. Just make sure all items ordered online and paid for during this exemption period.

All clothing and footwear under $100 for a single unit qualify for this exemption.

In general, select clothing and footwear are tax exempt, meaning no state sales tax will be collected, but there are restrictions. According to, clothing is defined as “any article of wearing apparel and typical footwear intended to be worn on or about the human body.” Visit the Sales Tax Holiday page for full details.