Iowa State Fair Hall of Fame Inductees – Lee and Henry County

Jerry Stukerjurgen

Each year at the Iowa State Fair, the Iowa 4-H foundation sponsors The Iowa Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Volunteers, community leaders, and extension staff members are nominated by their counties for exemplary service and dedication to their 4-H youth program. Inductees represent the many people in Iowa who have contributed countless hours to the 4-H program. These leaders are seen as role models to the younger generations and model volunteerism, community service, integrity, and leadership. Their legacy is the young people they have mentored who will eventually become leaders themselves.

This year, the Lee County Hall of Fame inductee is Jerry Stukerjurgen. His family was present to receive the award. Jerry, along with his wife Amie, became huge supporters of the Lee County Fair and Lee County 4-H. He committed his life to helping and giving back to 4-H and the community. “His legacy continues with his family, and the family business, who continue to support Lee County 4-H.”

Joe “Joey” Vantiger

The Henry County Inductee is Joe Vantiger. He passed away in 2021 but spent his life in service of 4-H and his county. He spent countless amounts of time preparing for the Henry County Fair each year, whether that be setting up for the queen contest or livestock shows, or even driving the skid steer, he was always up for the challenge. He even brought his family in to help out with the fairs, where they all serve to this day.

“Joe passed away in 2021 doing what he loved most, farming, and he passed his work ethic and dedication to the fair on to his family, who are carrying the torch for Joe.”