Iowa Wesleyan University Issues Statement Addressing April 12 Shooting

Late Wednesday afternoon Iowa Wesleyan University issued the following statement addressing an incident that occurred April 12.  A Mount Pleasant teen was shot during a large fight that involved several University students that occurred along the north edge of the local campus…..

Something like this happening near campus is alarming and unusual, and having our own students involved in some way is certainly inconsistent with the welcoming, safe and inclusive environment we work hard to create and foster here at Iowa Wesleyan. While these acts of violence are common elsewhere, they do not happen here at Iowa Wesleyan or in Mount Pleasant. Sadly, we witnessed an act of unnecessary violence and experienced the fear that comes with having our safety compromised.

We are taking steps to provide safety and comfort to our students who were surprised and upset by last night’s events. The five students who were criminally charged related to this incident will be addressed through our university’s student code of conduct process.

The university is fully cooperating with law enforcement and any further questions regarding this incident, including the names of individuals arrested and their specific charges, should be referred to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.