Juveniles Accused of Stealing Vehicle

On January 6, 2022, at approximately 16:55 hours, the Christamore House located on S Iris Rd in Mt Pleasant IA reported two runaways from their facility. At approximately 18:00 hours, a vehicle on E Linden Dr was reported stolen. The two juveniles had been observed in the area immediately prior to the theft. Footprints from the two juveniles went from the Christamore House to two other locations where burglaries were committed or attempted. The tracks then went to the stolen car location.

The juveniles returned back to the Christamore House around 2:00 hours. Law enforcement was notified of their return around 7:30 hours. It was determined that the juveniles had stolen the car and purse from a vehicle and driven to Biggsville Illinois and left the car at a gas station. Henderson County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the recovery of the vehicle.

The owners of the thefts were able to retrieve most of their items back. The two juveniles (male and female) are from the Dubuque area. They were both charged with Theft 2nd and Burglary 3rd. The Juvenile Courts from Dubuque were notified of the crimes but have not placed the juveniles in a locked facility yet.

Later on January 7, 2022, the female juvenile and another female juvenile from Dubuque ran away again and were eventually caught after a foot chase near the 2200 block of E Washington St.

The Mt Pleasant PD encourages people to lock the vehicles and residences. Anyone who sees suspicious activity is encouraged to contact the Mt Pleasant PD at 319 385-1450.