Rep. Collins Calls on Muscatine School District to Cancel CCP Funded Trips

MEDIAPOLIS – Today, Rep. Taylor Collins released the following statement following reports of Chinese Communist Party funded trips for Muscatine High School students and staff to China.

“The Chinese Communist Party is not our friend, and they should not be treated with kid gloves,” said Rep. Collins. “As a Representative for Muscatine County, I am appalled to see students and staff from Muscatine High School being used as political propaganda for the CCP.”

“I am calling on the Muscatine School District to publicly cancel the upcoming exchange for this October, and any future trips to China paid for by the Chinese Communist Party.”

“This coming legislative session I plan to introduce legislation to prohibit this kind of infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party into Iowa’s classrooms. It’s time to draw a line in the sand – Iowa students should be learning that communists are not our friends.”