Keokuk Community School District Considers Four Day Week

The results of a recent school calendar survey that included a four-day week option was shared at the meeting of the Keokuk Community School District Board of Education on Dec. 18 by Dr. Kathy Dinger, Superintendent of Keokuk Community School District.


“We were pleasantly surprised at the level of engagement we saw,” Dr. Dinger reported during Monday’s meeting.


The survey included a choice between a four-day week, both with and without a spring break, and a traditional five-day week, both with and without a spring break. The questions were based on feedback gathered from staff and parents in the district, and was distributed by email on Wednesday, Dec. 13, to over 300 staff members and nearly 1,200 parents with a closing date of Sunday, Dec. 17. More than 600 staff and parents responded to the survey.


Whether a parent or an employee, the favorite calendar option was the four-day week, with a spring break. Collectively, 229 of the 607 who responded chose this option. Overwhelmingly, the least favorite calendar option was the 5-day week, with no spring break, option with 226 respondents selecting this as their last choice.


As explained in the calendar survey, the four-day option is being considered as a way to recruit and retain staff, improve open enrollment numbers, and support student and employee mental health, all while maintaining a focus on strong instructional hours.


The conversation about the 2024-2025 calendar will continue at the Board’s meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2024.