Lee County Fair Beef Show Results

Lee County Fair Beef Show Results


Champion Derby Beef Live –  Aaden Anderson

Reserve Champion Derby Beef Live – Gavin Hasenclever

Champion Derby Beef Carcass – Aaden Anderson

Reserve Champion Derby Beef Carcass – Aaden Anderson

1st Place Rate of Gain –  Avery Peterson

2nd Place Rate of Gain –  Henry Steffensmeier


Champion Chianina Female – Zikayla Houtz

Champion Shorthorn Female – Henry Steffensmeier

Champion Simmental Female – James Denning

Champion Commercial Female – Jaren Gerdes

Supreme Champion Beef Female – Jarden Gerdes

Reserve Champion Beef Female – Henry Steffensmeier

3rd Overall Beef Female – James Denning

4th Overall Beef Female – Mason Overberg

5th Overall Beef Female – Zikayla Houtz


Junior Bucket Bottle Champion – Aiden McDowell

Intermediate Bucket Bottle Champion – Arabella McDowell

Senior Bucket Bottle Champion – Isabella Patton

Senior Bucket Bottle Reserve Champion – Joseph Krebill


Champion Market Heifer – James Seyb

Reserve Champion Market Heifer – Jonathan Seyb

Champion Return Bucket Bottle Calf – James Seyb

Grand Champion Market Beef – Blake Mohrfeld

Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef – Emma Mohrfeld

3rd Overall Market Beef – James Denning

4th Overall Market Beef – Henry Steffensmeier

5th Overall Market Beef – Aiden McDowell


Advanced Showmanship – Henry Steffensmeier

Champion Senior Showperson – Aaden Anderson

Champion Intermediate Showperson – Emma Mohrfeld

Champion Junior Showperson – Jaren Gerdes