Legislative Forum in Fairfield on Saturday

The Fairfield area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Legislative Forum on Saturday, February 17. Bringing together community leaders, legislators, and business representatives, this event promises to be a cornerstone for informed dialogue on current issues affecting our region.

Taking place at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, this forum aims to create an environment where local stakeholders can engage in open and constructive conversations with elected officials.

Key features of the upcoming Legislative Forum include:

  1. Legislative Update: Elected officials will share insights on key legislative issues happening at the capital, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to understand their positions and priorities.
  2. Audience Participation: Attendees will have the chance to directly engage with panelists through a Q&A session, allowing for real-time interaction and the exchange of ideas.
  3. Networking Opportunities: The forum will offer valuable networking opportunities, bringing together diverse stakeholders to build relationships and strengthen community connections.

The Fairfield Area Chamber of Commerce is committed to facilitating a robust and inclusive discussion that reflects the voices and concerns of our community. As we look forward to this event, we invite all interested parties to join us and contribute to the dialogue that will shape the future of our region.

These forums will again be topic based. The topics are chosen based on what the legislators are working on. The topics will be announced in Chamber Chatter, the weekly e-newsletter from the Chamber. Sign up on our website: www.FairfieldIowa.com.

Legislators attending will be: Iowa Senator Representative Adrian Dickey, Iowa House Representative Jeff Shipley, Iowa House Representative Helena Hayes

For event details and to sign up for Chamber Chatter, please visit www.FairfieldIowa.com or contact the Chamber at Chamber@FairfieldIowa.com or 641-472-2111.