Auditor’s Office Has Put Together Official Candidate List

Here is the official list of Henry County mayoral and city council candidates for the coming General Elections.

As expected, Mount Pleasant Mayor Steve Brimhall and three incumbent council members are seeking re-election. All will run unopposed in the November 2 general elections.  Bob Griffith, Jeff Batty and Terry McWilliams are each hoping to serve another 4 year term on the council.

In Salem there are three people running for mayor..James Tomson, Mary Hoyer, and Kelly Anderman.  There are six people running for the two seats on that council that will be open…. John Wagner, Haley Swinscoe, Tarrant French, Justin Traman and incumbents Gary Tedrow, and Christina Feehan.

In Westwood Mayor Brant Knudsen is running for re-election unopposed. There are four people running for three seats on the council.  They are Eric Peterson, Monte Knudsen, Darrel Rodgers and incumbent Gary Lane.

New London’s incumbent Mayor Kirk Miller is running unopposed.  Incumbent council members Dan Berner, Scott Campbell and Brad Helmerson are each running unopposed for four year terms.  Travis Benz is running for a two year term without opposition.

In Wayland Mayor Chet Fort is the only candidate for that position. Incumbents Caylon Devaul and Jamie Roth wish to repeat four year terms on the council. A third council member, Melinda Ullery, is seeking re-election to a two year term.  No one else has thrown their name into the hat for the Wayland City elections.

There are five names on the Winfield ballot for city council. Voters may vote for no more than three. Randy Redlinger and Jennifer Wade are the incumbents. The other candidates are David Pieart, Robert Quinn and Scott Jennings.

There is one candidate for mayor in Olds. That’s Jason Waterhouse. Voters can for no more than three council members. And there are three candidates on the ballot….incumbents Candice Curry and Fred Roth.  The third candidate is Timothy Breuer.

Frankie Nupp is the only candidate on the ballot for mayor in Coppock. Voters there may vote for no more than three council members.  The candidates are Dakota Knerr, Jennifer Stoderl, Ananna Knerr, Shelby Gier and incumbent Dustin Palmer.

Current Hillsboro council members Chad Brousseau, Eric Sanderson and Michaeleen Kaeser are seeking re-election. There is a fourth candidate, Myron Helmers but residents can vote for no more than three. William Sanderson is running for a two year term. (not for mayor as previously published.