Man Crashes Into Unknown Vehicle in Lee County

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports of a motor vehicle accident on Tuesday. 22-year-old Nicholas Ziegelmeyer of Burlington was traveling south bound in the 1800 block of Highway 61 in a sedan just after noon. Ziegelmeyer is uncertain of how the event unfolded but stated that he was merging to the right when there was a collision. The driver stated that he has a medical condition and probably should not have been driving.

The damage to his vehicle consisted of a shredded tire and the fender peeling to the rear of the vehicle. There were dark marks on the side of the hood and what was left of the upper area of the passenger side front fender. He mentioned that he was unsure of what the second vehicle was, however, he knows it was bigger than his car. There were no parts from the unknown vehicle at the scene and due to the lack of, and there not being another vehicle on scene, it is probable that the unknown vehicle was a semi hauling a trailer.