Miller-Meeks Comments Following Republican Nomination in Primaries

Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks released the following statement after securing the Republican nomination for Iowa’s First Congressional District, after defeating challenger David Poutsch.

“I am deeply honored to win the Republican nomination for Iowa’s First Congressional District. I look forward to taking our message to every Iowan in our district ahead of November. I share Iowans’ priorities for the next Congress: securing our southern border, getting inflation and the cost of living under control, tackling the mounting national debt, making sure we have strong K-12 education, and addressing escalating conflicts around the world.

“My opponent and her radical leftist agenda will continue to drive costs, keep our borders open, prioritize social politics instead of quality education for our kids and continue rampant government spending, which has led to crippling high prices and interest rates while simultaneously increasing our national debt.

“Her blind support for Democrat policies and Joe Biden’s failed agenda would mean years of financial hardship, limited opportunity for Iowans, pervasive crime in our communities, and weak support for Israel against Hamas.”

“I look forward to continuing to serve and deliver for the constituents of Southeast Iowa.”