More Interest in Wind Energy in Henry County

At some point in time wind energy will come to Henry County.  Thursday a second company made a presentation to the Board of Supervisors proposing about 50 to 60 turbines to be built by the year 2025. A representative of the Canadian Company, Liberty Power, told the supervisors her company prefers to communicate first with county officials before approaching land owners. The plan is to start talking with landowners within a month. She said Liberty’s focus is on building mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with the community thru long term investments in assets. Liberty believes Henry County is a good place for the project…offering transmission line access, enough available land without a lot of forests or flood plains and of course, good wind speeds. 10,000 acres are needed to determine if the project is feasible. Henry County already has ordinances in place regulating turbines. The Liberty rep said her company will work to understand setbacks and ensure it meets all local and state requirements. The supervisors were assured both farming and a turbine can co-exist on the same parcel and land can remain in agricultural use.  There are also the benefits of tax revenue for the county and employment opportunities.