Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting Agenda

Date   Monday, August 9, 2021  6:00 PM

Mount Pleasant Community School District:  High School Media Center

Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641

  1.  Call to Order
    2.    Roll Call
    3.    Approval of Agenda
    4.   Citizen Comments
    5.   Approval of Minutes, Claims, Financials
    6.     Reports
    a.       Instructional Services
    i.      Update on beginning of school year preparations –  Katie Gavin, Dir. of Instruction
    b.       Superintendent’s Report
    1.       Facilities Assessment Progress – Thursday, August 12
    a.     Central Office, Central Receiving/WisdomQuest/Salem Elementary
    2.       Director of Buildings and Grounds Update
    3.       September Committee Meetings
    4.       November 2021 School Board Election Information
    5.       IASB Annual Convention November 18
    c.       Board Committee Reports
    i.     Finance
    ii.     Site
    iii.    Policy
    7.       Other Board Communications
    8.       Consent Items
    a.   Personnel
    b.   Open Enrollment
     9.       New Business
    a.       Approve IASB Legislative Priorities for 2022    (Motion)
    b.       Iowa Department of Public Health COVID-19 Health Update Fall 2021    (Review)
    c.       MPCSD Health Services Update 2021-2022    (Review)
    d.       Consideration to Approve Recruiting Incentive    (Motion)
    e.       Consideration to Approve Agreement Regarding Teaching Obtaining Specific Training/Endorsement   (Motion)
    f.        Consideration to Approve Lincoln Elementary Roof Seam Coating Quote    (Motion)
    g.       Consideration to Approve Harlan Elementary Roof Seam Coating Quote (Motion)
    h.       Consideration to Approve Salem Elementary Roof Seam Coating Quote (Motion)
    i.         Consideration to Approve Request for Proposal for Retro-Commissioning of HVAC Equipment   (Motion)
    j.         Second Reading with Recommendation to Post Notice of Intended Action on District Developed Service
    Delivery Plan (Motion)
    k.       Approval to go into Closed Session under Iowa Code 21.5 (1)(a) “…to review or discuss records authorized by
    law to be kept confidential.” (Motion)
    l.         Action Regarding Open Enrollment Application, which was subject of a closed session (Motion)
    m.     Adjournment