Mount Pleasant School Board Meeting Agenda

Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting
Date  Monday, January 9, 2023   6:00 PM
Mount Pleasant Community School District:  High School Media Center
Mount Pleasant, Iowa 52641

1.     Call to Order
2.     Roll Call
3.     Approval of Agenda
4.     Citizen Comments
5.     Approval of Minutes, Claims, Financials
6.      Reports
          a.       Instructional Services –
i.    English Language Learning Program – Tammy Tyrrell, Theresa Zihlman, Jennifer Rebling, Makenzie Sartorius-Roberts
b.       Superintendent’s Report
1.       School Resource Officer Update
2.       October 2022 Statewide Enrollment Changes
3.       2023-2024 School Calendar Planning
4.        School Board Director District Update
5.       Legislative Update
6.       Iowa Revenue Estimating Conference FY23
7.       Grade-Level Elementary Buildings Update
8.       January 23 Work Session – C.E.L.L Class Presentation, Site Planning
c.       Board Committee Reports
i.            Finance
ii.            Site
iii.            Policy
7.       Other Board Communications
8.       Consent Items
           a.     Personnel
b.     Open Enrollment
9.       Unfinished Business
10.      New Business
a.       Review FY22 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report
b.       First Reading of School Board Policy Series 200 With Recommendation to Post Notice of Intended Action:                                                               i.            Board Policy 202.3 President    (Motion)
ii.            Board Policy 202.4 Vice-President   (Motion)
iii.            Board Policy 204.10 Public Participation in Board Meetings    (Motion)
c.       Consideration to Approve Modified Supplemental Amount for At-Risk-Dropout    (Motion)
d.       Consideration to Approve Contract with Bolton and Menk for Design of Harvest Drive and Grand Avenue
Traffic Signal and Related Intersection Improvements  (Motion)
           e.       Adjournment