MP HOCO 2020 King and Queen Jack Johnson and Elli Liechty!

This year the 10 members of the Mount Pleasant High School Homecoming Court reigned over the entire Homecoming Week after they were announced Monday night. But the announcement of the 2020 Homecoming King and Queen didn’t happen until Friday night. Jack Johnson and Elli Liechty were crowned in ceremonies held during the Panther Homecoming game with the Washington Demons. . Elli is the daughter of Mary and Jason Liechty and Jack is the son of Kristy and Adam Johnson.

The rest of the court for 2020……..

Ryann Davidson, Erin Andreasen, Kalyssa Longhurst, Maddie Milks, Brennen Bender, Logan Lee, Henry Lutosvky, and Luke Ryon.