MP Music Booster Garbage Bag Sale

It is garbage bag sales time again, offered through the Mt. Pleasant Community Schools Music Boosters.

Over the next two weeks, a representative of the Charity Services Organization will be calling on behalf of the Music Boosters to explain the garbage bags. They will take you through the price, sizes, quantity, and how to play an order. The garbage bags will the be delivered directly to the customers’ homes.

The sole purpose of the Mt. Pleasant Music Boosters is to support the K-12 instrumental and vocal music programs of the Mt. Pleasant Community School District. All fundraising dollars are used directly for these programs. Currently the Music Boosters are developing a plan to update our soundboard and lighting system.

Ongoing projects include the Marching Band Invitational, High School Variety Show, InMotion Show Choir Invitational, Dessert Theatre, OPUS (K-12 honor choir), All-State Music Festival, and the Middle School Honor Band Festival.

“The focus of the fundraiser is to help sustain a growing music program.” says Stan Holtkamp, Mt. Pleasant Music Boosters President. “We have a very active music program with lots of student involvement!  Our focus for this campaign is toward the drumline needs.”

Membership in the Mt. Pleasant Music Boosters organization is free and is defined as anyone with children participating in music in Mt. Pleasant Community Schools. “If you have a child participating in any music activity within the schools or if you just love music, we invite everyone to join the fun of being involved in Music Boosters,” said Holtkamp.

The Charity Services, Inc., organization is registered with the Iowa Attorney General’s Office and assists organizations throughout the Midwest with fundraising.

If you’d like to add your number to the form, it is posted below.

MP Music Garbage Bag Campaign – Google Sheets