MP School Board Work Session & Regular Session

The Mount Pleasant School Board will meet Monday, June 13 for a work session at 5:15 pm followed by a regular session meeting at 6 pm. Both meetings will be held in the Mount Pleasant High School media center. Both agendas follow:

Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Work Session

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. South Grand Traffic Study Results – Chris Albrecht, Bolton/Menk Engineering
  5. Mount Pleasant Community School District School Board Meeting
  6.   Call to Order
    2.     Roll Call
    3.     Approval of Agenda
    4.     Recognition of Retirees
    5.     Citizen Comments
    6.    Approval of Minutes, Claims, Financials
    7.     Instructional Reports
    a.       Instructional Services
    i.     Summer School Update – Katie Gavin, Dir. of Instruction
    b.       Superintendent’s Report
    1.       Associate Principal Hiring Update
    2.       Buildings and Grounds Update
    3.       Legislative Update
    c.       Board Committee Reports
    i.        Finance
    ii.            Site
    iii.            Policy
    8.       Other Board Communications
    9.       Consent Items
    a.       Personnel
    b.       Open Enrollment
    10.       Unfinished Business
    11.       New Business
    a.       Consideration to Approve Property/Casualty/Worker’s Comp. Insurance Renewal    (Motion)
    b.       Consideration to Approve 2022-2023 Student Handbooks   (Motion)
    c.       Consideration to Approve Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Retention Payments Plan    (Motion)
    d.       Consideration to Approve 28E Agreement with City of Mount Pleasant   (Motion)
    e.       Consideration to Approve Outdoor Walk-in Freezer Purchase    (Motion)
    f.        Second Reading of School Board Policy 604.5 Special Education, Instruction, Graduation of Special Education
    Students with Recommended Changes    (Motion)
    g.       Year-end Review of Superintendent Job Performance and Goals as per Iowa Code 21.5 (1)(i) To Evaluate the
    Professional Competency of an Individual (Closed Session)
    h.       Consideration of Contract Approval for Superintendent (Motion)
    i.         Adjournment