MP School District Financial Report

The Mount Pleasant School Board will be expected to approve the FY22 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report at the February board meeting.  Monday night at the January meeting Director of Finance Ed Chabal went over the highlights of the report. The unassigned fund balances all increased except for the activity fund.  That balance saw an $8,588 drop. The general fund went up $975,971 due to the infusion of covid funds from the federal government putting the fund at $4,139,328.  The food service fund also saw an increase of $263,418 due in large part to federal funds used to make lunch free for all students, again because of covid. Total district revenues were $29,943,876, an increase of $1,665,967. Total expenditures were $29,752,173, increasing by $3,203,791 from FY21.

Not included in the Comprehensive Report but also discussed at the meeting was the taxable valuations to be used for FY24.  The valuations increased about $8.2 million to $648,574,431, an increase of 1.32 % from the previous year.